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Swap Body - Clearlift

We have been manufacturing the Clearlift system for over 30 years. We believe that the Clearlift system has many operational benefits over other systems available on the market. We can also provide a full interchange with existing systems.


Fast and easy operation


The Cartwright Clearlift body is quickly and easily mounted or demounted from the chassis in one safe level movement.


Payload stays level


The Cartwright Clearlift body is not subject to tipping or tilting during the mount or demount, thus preserving the integrity of the payload.


Safety in operation


All operations are carried out with the chassis under the static body or completely withdrawn, avoiding a partially supported body.

Stability in operation


No strain is placed on the legs underneath the body as self centering pans to the underside of the body give greater latitude during operation.


Whole life costs


The Clearlift system avoids friction and wear and tear, resulting in reduced component damage and less downtime.


Air Suspension


Raise and lower the Clearlift system using either the truck chassis suspension or hydraulics, allowing for the legs to be moved without any additional equipment.




Increased driver productivity.


Rich Anderson

Sales & Marketing Director

Rich joined Cartwright in 2014 with over 30 years commercial vehicle & trailer sales experience. Rich is based out of our south manchester head office and plays a key part in developing new business strategies.


Steve Pollock

Technical Sales Manager

Steve has been working within the trailer industry for over 8 years developing key client relationships within the south west region.


Andy Jarvis

Technical Sales Manager

Joining in early 2012 Andy is based out of our South Manchester Head Office.


David Ashworth

Technical Sales Manager

With over 2 years Cartwright Experience and many more in the industry David knows the Cartwright Brand


Clive Dingle

Special Builds Sales Manager

Clive is our longest serving Technical Sales Manager with over 10 years experience, he specialises in the extraordinary specification trailers.

Contact The Sales Team on +44 (0) 161 928 0966